We are located on Garden Road No. 1 in Worthing, just off the main South Coast road.

Click on the map below for exact location.


Nearby Hotels

The closest hotels are the Blue Orchids and Coral Mist Beach Hotels. They are just a minute walk away and Shabbos friendly.  

The Blue Horizon Hotel is a 5 minute walk.

The Accra Beach Hotel is an 8 minute walk. 

The Rockley Resort and Golf Club is a 10 - 15 minute walk.  

The S. Lawrence Gap with its many hotels and attractions is a 20 - 30 minute walk from the east.

The Aquatic Gap (Hilton Resort, Radisson, and more) is a 40 - 45 minute walk from the west.   

(Please note - this is just a partial list. Many other hotels, villas, holiday apartment rentals etc. can be found in the vicinity.)