Shabbat Meals at Chabad

Shabbat meals at Chabad are open to all - subject to availability - and we do not charge our guests. We do however encourage you to contribute towards our activities. Your generous support will enable us to keep Chabad open and assist many more visitors in the future -

(For hotels within walking distance, please see here.)

Please fill out the form below to reserve for Shabbat meals at Chabad:

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Shabbat Meals Takeout

If you are not within walking distance, arrangements can be made for pickup - or delivery, for an additional charge - of Shabbat meals.  The meals include:

  • Challa 

  • Fish dish with dips and a salad

  • Chicken dish with a side 

  • Dessert

The cost is $60 USD per meal (night or day) per person or $99 USD for both (night and day) meals. 

Requests must be made a minimum of a week in advance. Please provide amount of people and location. Payment must be made by Monday of the week of request. 

This service is not guaranteed and subject to availability. 

Make your reservation via the form below:

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